Who I am and What I do:

Hi! I'm Meg, an ex-pat Yinzer, an historical trivia afficianado, and a believer in life-long childhood.  By day, I'm a museum curator and exhibition designer, but by night I let my hair down and design all the OTHER things I love.

And I own Canned Ham Studio. 


Named for those adorable camping trailers of the 1950s and 60s,


Canned Ham Studio specializes in fitting as much good design into small packages as possible, just like it's namesake.

With the able assistance of my crack team pictured below, I sell handmade goods through an Etsy shop (paper goods, stationery, posters, the occasional whimsy), provide custom design services (need invitations?) and run a vintage goods subscription box service.  



Quality control.

Oversees shipping boxes.

Sits on things.


Security specialist.

In charge of staff naps.

Shocked. Always.