Well, it WAS Rainy...

So, April came and went... that was fast. And for much of April, it was a rather chilly, very wet, soggy mess around these parts. Nothing unusual for April, I suppose, but it can get you down. Hence the inspiration for one of the latest additions to the Etsy shop: the Rainy Day notecard sets!

One of my great vintage loves are umbrellas. Now, I don't advocate actually using vintage umbrellas during a downpour - you will get wet - but they sure do look cute with the right raincoat and wellies! So I decided to try my hand at drawing different varieties of umbrellas, which went reasonably well...and that lead to drawing a pair of wellies, which wasn't half-bad...and, inevitably, I ended up with rain clouds and rainbows, because, well, of course.

Rather than doing my usual watercolor paintings, I decided to digitally colorize these drawings (I've been on a bit of a digital roll lately), using a muted blue and gray palette, with bright pops of primary colors. I also tried a vintage-y, funky faux-printing technique, wherein the dark ink outlines of the images were off-set from the colored centers just a bit. I'm sure there is a professional name for this technique but I don't know it, and I'm sure that back in the day it was byproduct of printing presses actually being misaligned, and I'm not going to even get into how long it took me to figure out how to reproduce something that looks so simple, but in the end I was really happy with the look.

I also deviated from my usual "inside-out" envelopes (for those of you unfamiliar with my love of pattern, I often make envelopes out of heavily patterned paper, instead of hiding it inside as the liner - more is more, in my opinion) and used the final colorized drawings to make envelope liners for some brilliant solid-color envelopes.

Yep, I like these puppies! Just perfect for sending a quick pick-me-up note to a friend on a cloudy day. So cute...I truly wish I owned wellies in three different colors!