Thanks, Man.

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So, my Thanksgiving holiday is about to get underway, so I thought I would take a hot minute to wish you all a very happy, food-filled, fun-time Turkey Day! Times are crazy, and it may seem difficult to be of good cheer right now, but I'm personally going to try to remember some things I'm thankful for...such as:

I'm headed home to the Pittsburgh area to see my family, and I'm always thankful for these trips, but after everything that the Burgh has been through in the last month (has it really only been a month??) I'm especially thankful for that beautiful, strong, proud city and all the people who live there who hung together, comforted each other, took care of neighbors, and are carrying on even with heavy hearts.

I'm thankful for my family's health. We've had some pretty tough touch-and-go moments in the last year, and over the last 5 years, too. We pulled through, though, and today we're good.

I'm thankful for this little Canned Ham business. I get to be the creative person I've always wanted to be, and I've even been able to do some good in the world with it. Win-win, I'd say! And the future is looking pretty bright, with lots of possibilities. So, thanks to all of you for your support - stay tuned to see what's next! quick shameless plug: Small Business Saturday is on November 24th!! Visit my Etsy shop to see what's new and head out to your local business district! Shop small, shop local - send kids to college, pay someone's rent, keep dreams alive. You'll feel all warm inside - promise!!