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On Canning Hams and Things…

A red and whiye caming trailer with a striped awning out front and a red metal lawn chair...aqua text reads Canned Ham Studio - all th creativity, one fabulous package
Canned Ham's canned ham logo...get it?

Soooo…hey guys!! Um…what’s up with you lately? Me? Oh, I decided to start a blog. Yeah. Today, actually. Right now. This is it, my new blog. And man, getting these first sentences out is a tad harder than I thought…kind of awkward…like first-date awkward, you know? Which is just silly.

Geeez, get it together, Meg! Shake it off, neck roll, c’mon…

Okay, okay, here we go – let’s start at the beginning. I’m calling this blog Over at the Ham. For those of you who know me and my work, this is probably (hopefully?) a familiar turn of phrase coming from me. It’s something I say on the social media interwebz fairly often, and it’s in reference to my side hustle: Canned Ham Studio. Now before those of you who are new to my world (welcome, pull up a chair and stay awhile!) start thinking “gee, this chick has an unnatural obsession with ham” let me clarify: Canned Ham in this instance refers to those adorable camping trailers of the 1950s and 60s that were indeed shaped like canned hams and rightfully earned that nickname. Canned Ham Studio has nothing to do with pork products, but it does have to do with great design, cleverly packed into an adorable little box, just like those trailers which were renowned for the clever ways in which so many luxuries were packed into them. At Canned Ham Studio, I do a variety of things revolving around graphic design, handmade products, my own artwork and even my love for vintage flair and all things historical. It’s my creative outlet, so I don’t pen myself in too much – if an idea comes to me, I give it a try. If it’s not a complete catastrophe, I give it a whirl on Etsy and see what everyone else thinks. Sometimes everyone else is like “Yay! We love it!” and sometimes everyone else is like “meh.” C’est la vie.

So, this blog will be my chance to explain to you all exactly what’s going on Over At The Ham (see, it makes sense now right?) at any given moment: what I’m making, how I do it, deep thoughts on crafting and knick-knack arrangement, where Canned Ham Studio might be popping up next…and I’m just going to admit it now, there’s probably going to be a plethora of historical trivia…okay, and also treatises (i.e. rants) on architectural preservation, because seriously if I see one more person rip out original vintage kitchen fixtures because they need space for a horde of 50 people seated at a kitchen island I will literally scream.

Yeah, so I should probably explain that last bit…Canned Ham Studio is my side hustle, but by day I am a museum curator - specifically, a historic house museum curator. I love old houses. And I get a little testy when people do mean things to old houses. That gigantic 2-ton cast iron tub never did anything to you. Leave it alone. Also, you can’t just enclose porches with lattice, okay? No. Step away from the industrial staple gun. And for god’s sake, the cabinets need to go up to ceiling! What is WITH the soffit obsession??

Okay, shake it off, Meg. You’re scaring the newcomers. Right. So, anyway…

Welcome to Over at the Ham! Please, please come back! To make it super easy (and awesome) to keep up-to-date with this blog, just click below to subscribe and have posts delivered to your inbox. All new subscribers will receive a coupon for a FREE digital download poster from the Etsy shop - your choice! It'll be emailed to you as soon as you subscribe :)

And if you don’t already, follow me on Etsy (cannedhamstudio), Instagram @cannedhamstudio, on Facebook and on Pinterest (although I still don’t really get Pinterest – we may need to have a group chat about it, I think I’m doing something wrong…)

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